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nice poster! looks awesome! who did it?

Same dude that does SCI I believe.Forget his name right now,lives in BC I think.I know I'd love a copy of that poster kc....

Last years was awesome have it matted.

If I wasn't heading to Ottawa,I would be at this show on NYE,saw the Dog last year & have seen many a NYE with Cats,this year I am dedicating my time to the last nero show (until the hiatus ends) for quite some time.

Enjoy & don't do anything I wouldn't...

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Ahh yes.

Jeff Carter (thanks kc) has done a poster (or more) for SCI before,but I'm not entirely sure if he does all their posters,my above post sorta reads like he does.Thought I'd mention that.

Fat Cats & Diesel Dog (I love that combo) you know it'll be a blast.


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