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tweak FireFox 1.0


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if anyone of you guys is like me and uses firefox both at home and at work then I recommend the Bookmarks Synchronizer extension.

you need some webspace to use it, but what it does is creates and XML file with all of your bookmarks in it. Each version of firefox you use (if it has the extension installed) will grab your bookmarks from the XML file. That way you can bookmark a site at work, and then view it at home.

gotta love centralization! :)

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Don't worry weezy. MS will likely update their browser soon, or manage to buy Firefox.

I don't really care who's browser I'm using. I thought I wouldn't really care about Firefox, but I was so wrong. IE really looks sooooo bad alongside firefox.

I think even windows could use some of the firefox features in the operating system. If I have 5 folders open, why the hell are they not tabbed? Tabbing doesn't need to only be in the browser.

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