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Where: Casbah, 306 King St W, Hamilton

When: Saturday December 11, 10PM

Why: Read below

In a world full of one-dimensional 'popular' music, it is rare to find a musical act with such diverse styles and talents as the POCKET DWELLERS. This eight-piece outfit is a multi-talented, multi-instrumental and multi-influenced collective. Musicians, ranging from classically or jazz trained, to street-smart and self-taught, the POCKET DWELLERS bring their diverse talents together to create a whole new sound that is anything but conventional. The line-up includes guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, a cadre of horns, a couple of turntables, a hip-hop M.C. and a wallop of energy! The POCKET DWELLERS meld all of these colours into one unique and powerful sound. Funk, soul, hip-hop, rock, jazz, drum & bass--all representing the sound of today's streets, these styles of music are blended to create the sound of the POCKET DWELLERS.


The POCKET DWELLERS began performing in and around Toronto in 1996 and have been developing an extremely diverse audience ever since. With hundreds of performances across Canada under their collective belt, these guys can entertain any audience. The POCKET DWELLERS have opened for a very wide range of different musical acts, including such notable performers as Maceo Parker, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Rascalz, Clifford Gilberto (Ninja Tune), N'Dea Davenport, G. Love and the Special Sauce, Rahzel (The Roots), Ivana Santilli and jazz great Charlie Hunter. They have also performed at a broad range of festivals such as Edgefest, North by Northeast, Canadian Music Week, JVC Acid Jazz Festival, the Vancouver Jazz Festival, the Winnipeg Jazz Festival, the Du Maurier Atlantic Festival, the Hillside Festival, and the Dawson City Music Festival.


Earlier in 2000, the POCKET DWELLERS' ground breaking sound won the heart and mind of multi-Juno Award winning producer, Michael Phillip Wojewoda (Barenaked Ladies, Rheostatics, The Waltons), joining them in the studio and recording an album that captures the passion of their live show and the creativity of the collective. "DIGITALLY ORGANIC," the band's second album, captures the essence of much of the more popular contemporary sounds, while also exploring and stretching musical boundaries. "Instead of going into the studio and recording machine-made hip-hop beats, I play organic beats on a drum kit," says Marco Raposo, the group's drummer. "Though the norm right now is programmed sounds, we use a live element. We're creating synthetic music, but with organic roots."

The POCKET DWELLERS continue to steadily grow as musicians and to steadily win over audiences with their constant touring and incredible live performances. "Being eclectic allows us to draw from so many different facets of music," explains saxophonist Dennis Passley. "Like we're not just drawing from the funk crowd--we're drawing from hip-hop, jazz, rock and soul." And with a manifesto that reads "To change and blur the lines of music," the POCKET DWELLERS are poised to infuse and influence the music scene today, while rising to popular acceptance with their innovative music.

The Pocket Dwellers are:


name. Nigel A Williams

aka. n.i gel

instrument. MC

reside. Whitby


name. Sheldon Moore

aka. S-luv

instrument. DJ, 1200's

reside. Oshawa


name. Dennis Passley Jr

aka. DeKnow Daug

instrument. tenor sax

reside. Brampton


name. Christian Mckibbin

aka. Fabio Poutiney

instrument. G-tar

reside. T dot


name. Johnny Griffith

aka. Johnny Quest

instrument. alto/saprano sax

reside. Nobleton


name. Gordon Shields

aka. Jupiter

instrument. bass

reside. Newmarket


name. Marco Raposo

aka. Red

instrument. drums

reside. Mississauga

POCKET DWELLERS, 10PM :: Saturday Dec 11th

@ Casbah, 19+ with Circadelica 70s Soul in the Lounge (no cover)

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