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home in my underwear, Grateful Dead cranked, bong.


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God it feels great to be done!

Just finished my first semester, which i took half of second semester at the same time, making for a SEVEN course load....

It really just occured to me, as i was sitting here, smoking a bong, Terrapin Station CRANKED REALLY LOUD, still in my undies.....THIS FEELS GOOD!

Before you have a purpose (something you feel good doing, the feeling of achievement), this time spent doing NOTHING feels like a waste....NOW, it just feels great to have NOTHING to do....No studying, no worrying, no "will i pass my 300 mark, all essay, three hour insurance exam?"

or, "if i dont pass the insurance exam, then what will i do? Its only the first, with 9 more to go....what if i dont pass the first one?"

Well, i killed all my finals, scoring 100% in a 100 mark math exam (the exam the mornign after Organ and Drums!), and definately did well on the rest...

After spending a few years kinda 'floating' around, really not contributing to society much....it feels good to finally have succeeded at something...

Being able to say, nope, can't go to the bar tonight, cause i have to study, actually felt good?!?!?!?!!!

Even missing Jarrett Sunday night, and eating a 125 dollar ticket didn't disuade me. I just made sure i did well on my monday morning exam, so it was worth it. And i did.

Life is Good (first time i've felt like this since......probably High School graduation!)



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something tells me, the first step in assessing a good risk is, Dont Insure anything for GWB.

Did u know currently the biggest insurance claim in history is the World Trade Center.

The owner is trying to claim TWICE! He claims each building was a seperate attack, and in turn, trying to collect some 3 BILLION dollars, TWICE, for a total of some 6 BILLION dollars...

Another reason i think the attack was fixed. The owner was Hundreds of Millions in debt after buying the Trade Centers...and was going backrupt. He actually ADDED xtra insurance 9 months before the attack!

Coincidence? I think Not!

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