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The Spades (tonight/last night)


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i didn't care much for Cuff the Duke when i saw them in Peterborough, but then again I was flying on a QQC cookie and felt like i was trippin'

now i can't stop listening to their cd life stories for minimum wage it's awesome

grows on me the more i listen to it

Ya, James McKenty is great...Friday nights at the MoHo are wicked, but then so are the hangovers the next day ::

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yeah, that night was my only previous cuff the duke experience..

i felt rather indifferent after that show, and the indifference remains after last night.

the spades however, did kick ass... all familiar tunes from past shows i've seen, but still rockin' and not a bad note throughout.

wish the trendy starlite didnt see fit to charge ten bucks.. could have been a lively one, but the few rich kids who showed up wanted to get their moneys worth out of the chairs. booooo. spades = rock out = sit down. cuff the duke = i wish i was michael stipe, cuz my grey highlites are so poetic = fall asleep = stand up?? what the fu©k?

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James McKenty & The Spades did NOT disappoint again last night ::

There was no guest band, so we got all Spades, all night!

The first set was really great.

When I walked in they were playing Regrets, and from what i was told it was the third song in.

I've been listening to James solo cd Reckless Soul a LOT lately, and really loving Lantern Kites.

I hadn't heard them play it live yet (i don't think) and was going on to moose about how much i would like to hear it.

well, i barely got my coat off and a 50 in hand when James announced, "this next song is called Lantern Kites" ::

There was a wicked Powerlines and Gorilla Thought in that first set too. Both great songs IMO.

The Montreal House was packed !

big line up outside to get in.

It was snowing and people could here the music outside so no one seemed to upset about having to wait.

I really dig this band. I think we're fortunate to have them play here most Friday nights.

Next week though they are playing at The Rivoli w/ The Golden Dogs

check them out!


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