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not sure about the vegan side of things but I think you will find tasty veggie options at these places (and good stuff for anyone with you who enjoys meat):

La Luna on King St W (near Hess Village) - Lebanese food

Mex-I-Can on James St (walking distance of PJC) - uh, Mexican food

Mahal on King St (Pakistani and Indian food - near Gore Park, near PJC)

Akita @ Caroline & Main - Japanese cuisine, again not far from PJC as a reference point.

My Thai on James St (ahem..... not too far from PJC)

I would recommend any of these places. Mex-I-Can is a bit "cafeteria" like but it is authentic Mexican food, so while the atmosphere isn't the greatest, the food is usually pretty good).

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Okay, this place has some veggie dishes, not sure about the vegan, but I've got to give them a plug.

If you like chinese, really good chinese go to Le Chinois. it's on King St maybe a block or two up the street from Hughson where the PJC is. I love that place. I used to eat there once or twice a month when I lived in Hamilton. It looks all fancy, but you can go in wearing anything, the service is great and everything is really tastey.

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