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Oh dear god...this poor man...


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he's actually looking pretty good again now and is expected to make a full recovery

they figured out he was poisoned with Dioxin, which up until very recently (last couple of months) wasn't traceable

they think he was poisoned while meeting with the head of the Ukranian secret service, assumed to possibly be a plot with Russian ties as the Russians don't want him in power and have the covert abilities to pull off such a maneuver

he became very ill the same day he was poisoned and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him

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the paisley feels great! gorgeous day in southern ontario

dioxin is cancer causing but as with any cancer, exposure and effect depends on the person involved... the docs say buddy's organs weren't damaged and otherwise he'll just have to wait and see what the long term affects are... bet he's itchin to kick some secret service ass

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