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Mike likes watching L & O while eating ice cream..


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...and other fun tidbits from '04...


Best of 2004: From the Artists' Perspective

Mike Gordon - Phish

Best Albums of 2004

Toots and the Maytals - True Love

With people like "Trey" - True to the old classics, with fresh blood added

Mark O'Connor - Appalachian Swing

Especially, "Limelight" - fiddle song with classical fervor

Joey Arkenstat - Bane

Damn, that guy rocks

Favorite Live Performance of 2004

Ben Harper with Blind Boys of Alabama, The Apollo

Liked it 1000 times better than BH in VT a few years ago.

Orchestra Baobab, Higher Ground, VT, April

Closing of Higher Ground, old location. Mystical, danceable, emotional.

Ricky Skaggs, Mark O’Connor, NY, October

O’Connor had great jazz trio, Skaggs had Wycliff Gordon on Trombone.

Favorite On-Stage Moment/Show of 2004

Final Phish set at Alpine Valley, June


With band, "Thought" in Buffalo, Sept.

Was a tiny bar; felt good. great drummer and bass-trumpeter

With Russo/Benevento Duo, BB Kings, NY, June Unrehearsed, we clicked with unexpected magic

Classic Album or Artist You Rediscovered This Year

Leo Kottke - Standing In My Shoes

Produced by David Z, who will be working with Leo and me in Dec '04

Tim and Mollie O'Brien - Away Out on the Mountain

Learned several of the songs on here

Diblo with Loketo - Super Soukous

These are classic to me

Artist You Are Most Excited About in 2005

Russell Batiste

I just want him to release the album I played on, with other great cuts.


I need to develop this kind of arrogance to help launch the solo career.

Someone I haven't discovered yet.

Perhaps I'll discover in "March" or "June." Would have great clarinet and tabla.

Best New Gadget You Can't Live Without

What I call "The Flashlight of Life" - from Sharper Image

Battery lasts 10 years, is 100 times brighter than Maglight™.

The Mac G5 tower

It's quieter, which could be great for soft recording on the computer.

Mosquito Magnet

Clears two acres of mosquitos. Bought it, but haven't plugged it in yet. Is this okay for vegans?.

New Hobby Discovered This Year


Taking lessons - the Schoenberg course - with Paul Caputo, NY.


nuff said.



Guilty Pleasure of the Year

Law and Order

Best while eating ice cream

Oatmeal cookie ice cream B&J's.

It's the cinnamon background that gets me

Expensive Sunglasses

Planet Eyewear, Atlanta

The Retro Comeback You're Hoping for in 2005?

Neon green.

Rotary Dial

I'd like to see this on a cell phone.


Not really.

Selection for Person of the Year

Jared Slomoff

Runs my production co. Talented, Friendly. Phish folks love him. Call him. He'll make you a great album.

John Quincy Adams

Long dead, but his quote in Imperial Hubris about not "spreading democracy" is valid.

Ned Kahn

Designer of nature-like sculptures (The Exploratorium and elsewhere) - saw his very inspiring lecture

A Memorable Moment From the Road in 2004

Had "last lunch" with just the band in exotic Philly sushi joint, Morimoto. Games like: "favorite moment of debauchery".

Driving away from the last Phish concert ever had poignancy.

Lost camera in Vegas casino; pic of cucumbers in Trey's eyes would have been Undermind cover. Was returned too late.

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