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nero 2004-12-10 available for download


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For sing-along purposes:

Pumpkin by The Tummies

My cat's on crack

And he's always on the phone

He steals my car to go hookin' downtown

Coulda been a star, I'm talking world reknowned

But my cat's on crack

He never does the dishes


He sleeps in his catbox, yeah

He shits on the floor

He surfs on my internet, downloads kitty porn

He carries a handgun and he slams his cat door

Because my cat's on crack.

I've caught him sharing needles

He'd pawned off all his m!ttens

He's fronting off his dealers

And he's selling nip to kittens

All my fish are missing.

My dog smokes pot.

He gets good grades in school.

He works as a guide-dog, no he don't beg for food

He sells dimes by the pound, yeah it's pretty good sh!t too

He concerned 'bout the cat but he just can't get through

Because my cat's on crack

My cat's on crack

My cat's on crack

My cat's on crack,


Thank you, goodnight!

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