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Some new dub that I'm digging...


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Any fans of dub reggae here?

This tune was recorded by a friend of mine, Woody. I first met him and came to know him as one of the best bass players I have ever had the pleasure of playing with, but I soon discovered that he was a multi-instrumentalist with an ear for a groove and knack for home-recording. He's played with a ska band in Peterborough called Skratch 3 for a long time, they just signed an indie deal, but this dub was all done by the Woodman himself in his basement. The drums, bass, and guitar are all live [overdubbed of course, but not samples is what I mean], and the horns are synthesized [but you wouldn't know]. Give it a listen, it has been on my playlist for months now and I can't stop grooving to it!

Working Man's Dub

You can also check out his band, but I understand they are more fast ska than dub grooves. Worth a listen.

Skratch 3 Online

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Cheers StoneMtn.

As far as I know, he isn't really doing anything with these dubs that he's doing. The band is more of a mainstream ska deal, but what I've heard from them is top-notch, if that's what you're into. Good horn section. If you like the dub, I can post a few more, and maybe PM you his e-mail so you can tell him, but as far as I know he's got nothing to sell! Too bad, it's a serious track. If there's interest I can post a couple more, and keep you posted when the Skratch 3 record is ready.

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Thanks SM, I do appreciate it. I'm sure Woody would too if he knew I was offering his work for public scrutiny :D...as an objective listener and a fan of dub, though, I think it's worthy of being publicly heard.

As for Skratch 3, the word from the Woodman this week was that they have been talking with a small label in Toronto, trying to get something together. They will be doing a record in Jan, Feb and March. They've got an old promo disc kicking around, but it's old and apparently not very representative of what they're doing now. I will most certainly keep you posted.

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