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The Slip 2004-10-14


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Just listening to this now (sorry if it's already been discussed). My birthday show. It's not nearly as bad (by bad, I mean bad in comparison to the following two nights) as I remember it being. Well, maybe that's the problem, I honestly don't remember much beyond zero unrolling tinfoil beside me and me going, "That's it?". Man I was wasted... thanks Pete for taping it. I's like I'm hearing it again for the first time...

The Slip


El Mocambo

Toronto, ON

Disc 1:

1. Intro 02:22

2. Paper Birds 09:22

3. Mudslide 10:04

4. Nellie Jean> 14:24

5. Lonely Boy 07:24

6. Even Rats 12:21

7. Chasing Rabbits 08:29

8. Reddish Moon 07:02

Disc 2:

1. Poor Boy 11:51

2. Let The Morning In 06:10

3. 19th Nervous Breakdown 08:29

4. Sometimes True To Nothing> 13:43

5. Fields of Joy 06:45

6. Banter 02:33


7. Proud 09:01

8. Porno Boulevard Stroll> 05:29

9. If One Of Us Should Fall 08:49

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