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Wish Phil wasn't here...


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Phil Lesh & Friends

Warfield Theatre, SF 12/18/04

core band:

Phil Lesh

Chris Robinson

Jimmy Herring

John Molo

Barry Sless

Steve Molitz

other "Friends":

Tim - violin from Railroad Earth

John - mandolin from Railroad Earth

Gloria & Jackie - from Jerry Garcia Band

Set 1:

Just Another Whistle Stop (w/Tim)>

Direwolf (Barry-pedal steel, w/Tim & John)

Peggy-o (Barry-pedal steel, Jimmy-acoustic, w/Tim & John, 3rd vocal one of the girls)

Lonesome Valley (Chris-acoustic guitar, Jimmy-acoustic, w/Tim, John, Gloria & Jackie, no Steve)

40 Days>

No More Do I (w/Tim, no Chris)>

It Hurts Me Too (Barry-pedal steel, Chris-harmonica, w/Tim & John)>

Casey Jones (w/Tim)

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Oh man, you are complaining about Phil's vocals?

I'll give you worse:

Page on Uncle John's Band

worst harmonies EVER!!!!!!!!!

They are sooooooooooo brutal. They are so bad, I am actually looking forward to hearing Wish You Were Here from the next night.

(Yeah, you intrigued me to listen to these shows. It had been so long. The historicness is wicked and all, but did Phil ever shine with other friends later. As you say though, some of the jams are incredible. Page's playing is fantastic. Unsung hero of this run aside from his harmonies in UJB. YIKES! Ug-fuckingly. Either get it together or Phil and Trey need to take singing lessons during this. Its shocking. Rob, Warren and Phil sounded great.)

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Hey thats a pretty good take on it... i broke them out this past week as well... I was only given disrespect to probably one of the all time worst sung songs :)

On a side note... i have the third night of Phil last weekend and am lookin forward to hearing that Dark Star > Elevator... from what ive read its off the hook... and Phil apparently owned that night...

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When doesnt he?

Seriously, though. Shakedown Street is on. I find this interesting as hell. You can hear the influence Jerry had on Trey in this version (and i LOVE what Kimock is doing behind and in front of him). But again, Page with HORRIBLE harmonies.

Absolutely embarrasing harmonies, I kid you not. I cant believe it is him, to tell you the truth. He must not have known these songs like a Deadhead would have, cause he has a voice that should have hit them properly.

Maybe the others (Phil and Trey) are singing so damn flat it is screwing him up. I have to give him some kind of benefit of the doubt.

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ok changing gears... watching Festival express bonus footage just gave me some crazy insight into Phil's playing... he is one bass player that learned early enough that you can stop and start... pick up the groove and then stop... then pick up the groove again... his starts and stops just make songs... great stuff... but i still wish he wasnt there for that singin... :)

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