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How popular is your name?


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alexia means defender of mankind, and apparently it's number 321 on the list. i've only ever met one other alexia and she was wearing a gap sweatshirt, thereby desecrating the name and does not count. :D

lex has never been a top one thousand name, which is really weird because there are two band whores with that name.

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Eric Robertson is a Vancouver based installation artist

Robertson, Eric Organist, pianist, composer, record producer

Eric Robertson (drums, co-composition)

Eric Robertson (6'1", 165, brown hair, blue eyes) is wanted by the Howard County Sheriff's Department in Kokomo, Indiana

Eric Robertson writes with a plainspoken, direct, almost childlike innocence about a world of wonder and cynicism, hope and dread.

eric robertson- lawer PRACTICE AREA: Family Law & Collaborative Family Law.

man there are lots of me out there

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For Jason (my real name)(means: Healer):

50's - 420

60's - 87

70's - 3

80's - 11

90's - 45

I was born in 1975, and come to think of it, a lot of guys I've met around my age are named Jason or Jay...

For Del (means: Short for names beginning with DEL):

50's - 712

60's - 921

Every other year - >1000

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Wow... looks like my name topped the list for quite some time... I guess people's parents got sick of hearing the name when they were growing up and didn't wish it upon their kids :)

I've always liked my name though.. and strangely have never met a Mary around my general age... only older ladies.

1900's - 1st

1910's - 1st

1920's - 1st

1930's - 1st

1940's - 1st

1950's - 1st

1960's - 2nd

1970's - 15th

1980's - 34th

1990's - 41st

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Hmmmm Well obviously, I'm Alexis. I've met 1 other Alexis in my life, an alexia (hi bokonon - sorry you don't count)

i also am the protector of mankind...so watch out i like to sleep while on the job.

ooooo #19 in the 1990....i didn't think all the strippers legally changed their name to alexis, i thought it was just a stage name. ha. oh once i was at mandarin and there was this baby named alexis at the other table and you know, i NEVER hear my name unless it's for me so i kept turning my head all night. soooo annoying.

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