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Moo love


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Encouraged by a thread about chocolate, this post is entitled "Bovine Love"

I made dinner tonight for me and a buddy:

1.brussel sprouts roasted with a bit of pork fat

2. Roast new potatoes

and the focal point:

3. flank steak (marinated all day in citrus, sesame oil, red onion) broiled until rare, and served with reduced marinade mixed with a bit of heavy cream.

Followed by copious amounts of wine and joints. Can you please moo in recognition of all that is beef?

I'd suggest you stop buying striploins and filet mignon, and pick yourself up a more flavourful cut sometime. If you eat it rare you'll swear that the flavour is so much better.

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Guest Low Roller

Mmm... beef...

I guess this is a good thread as any to remind people that tomorrow is a double whammy for not eating any meat because it's a Friday and it's Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays all!

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yesterday i had a roast beef sandwhich.

today i had a roast beef sandwhich.

tomorrow, i will have a roast beef sandwhich.

saturday, i have reservations for 4:30pm at the Great West Steakhouse. its buffet only, so i will eat lots and lots of beef, hopefully in many different ways.

i like a good cow. anyway i can get it.

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