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James McKenty & The Spades


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good times last night

i drank a lot of beer and don't remember eating falafel afterwards, or the cab ride home!

JMATS rocked. Not sure of the setlist, but remember some tunes they played.

Joints & Cigarettes

Powerlines (James dedicated it to the MoHo crowd :: that were in the house)

Reckless Soul

Pirate Radio

49 tons

Bust out an easy one

I like to burn things ended the night

no encore

nice to run in M (thanks for the beer) :)

2 nights to go until 3 more sets of The Spades!!

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burnin fire i think was the title of the opener...

a nice words by Neil Young... a tune called marijuana with one lyric... guess what it was .. anyone?

I must say though these guys can rock a room... pretty good turn out at the Horseshoe... great stage presence and awesome musicians taboot... this will not be my last Spades show gaurenteed!

nice to see you again M... sorry though i forgot of a previous engagement that I have tonight so will probably not be able to attend your get together...huck good to see you again... its been a while... and Cowboy... thanks for the beerskis brother..., the falafel and the cab ride home... good times again as always... good luck on the apartment hunt!

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I caught the show, but I don't know any of y'all so I didn't see anybody! Actually I know M but didn't see her there.

This was my first time seeing the band but I have been enjoying their disc at CFMU for a while now and I must say they didn't disappoint. A band worthy of taking my money anytime they are through town. Hey KC, whiteymuseum, UF Productions; any chance of bringing these guys to the Hammer? They don't really jam but they're all about the down-home feel-good rock and roll music.

And cowboy, I lived on Queen W last year west of the Horsehsoe, I had the time of my life! I lived west of sketchy Bathurst, across from Trinity Bellwoods park. Lots of artists and other strange bohemian people [not "I'm dressing bohemian to be trendy" people] in the neighbourhood, it was a blast. I lived cheap above a restaurant and walked to Healey's, the Shoe, Grossman's and the Elmo (when it wasn't freezing), the Cameron House and tons of fun pubs/bars like the Done Right Inn and Squirley's. I can throw you my old landlord's number if you want! He had four apartments above this restaurant, one might be avail.

Toronto's a fun town as long as you don't let it eat you alive, and you make enough money to live there. I'd love to be back in that neighbourhood when I'm done school, it was a hell of a time.

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