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one tonne challenge...


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Now I realize that most of you are already exceptionally environmentally conscience...however, for some of those lazy cats like myself, this is a fantastic idea coming from our Government. I know, that I need a little motivation in order to become more environmentally friendly... pass the word out to those like myself as well---once again, kudos to our Gov't---hell of an idea...


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Great idea.

I actually came out better then I originally thought I would and I can only imagine how I would fair if I was using the enery efficent applainces.

So theres alot of room for improvement at my house.


Excellent results! Your emissions are well below the national average. You'd make an ideal One-Tonne Challenge ambassador! Spread the word and let your neighbors, friends and family know how they can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions! The chart below breaks this total down to show where you have the greatest potential to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.


On average, each Canadian produces over 5 tonnes of GHG emissions per year. This graph shows how you compare.


Already producing less than the national average? Congratulations! Through your lifestyle choices, you are helping to protect our climate and give us cleaner air. And every new action you take will do even more to protect our environment and save you money.

Ready to figure out the best way to reduce your personal GHG emissions? Start your reduction plan now.

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