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6 years ago tonight


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I was on my way home from my first Phish show. I was completely unsuspecting, and didn't totally grasp what it was all about, but it left me wanting more. Damn, thanks for the memories.

12-28-98 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

1: Axilla (I)*, Stash, Farmhouse, Taste, Sleep**, Albuquerque**, Driver**, Tube, Golgi Apparatus, Good Times Bad Times (1:03)

2: Carini^ -> Wolfman's Brother#, Birds of a Feather, When the Circus Comes, Quinn the Eskimo## -> David Bowie+

E: Been Caught Stealin'++ (2/E 1:22)

*With "Axilla (Part II)" ending. **Acoustic (played on a "mini-stage" setup to the side of the main stage); "Sleep" preceded by a "Wish You Were Here" tease. ^With glowstick war. #With long ambient jam, during which three people in green accordian worm/caterpillar suits appeared from the back of the stage and crawled around slowly onstage for the rest of the set. ##Played possibly because of a sign held by a woman in the fifth row. +With "The Godfather Theme" tease in the intro; some delay loops at the start, but not a "DEG" tease or jam. ++Three white pillar/rocket/stalk things at the rear of the stage "grew" into long stalks with leaves; also with trampolines.

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