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Free Running


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I caught a documentary awhile ago on this new "sport" called Free Running. TLC (The Learning Channel) is airing it again. The documentary is called Jump London. Here's the info from TLC's website:

Jump London

Meet a team of French Free Runners who perform death defying, stomach-churning stunts. They literally leap from rooftop to rooftop, somersaulting, vaulting, tumbling, taking a thrilling journey across London using the city's most famous landmarks.

It's pretty crazy to watch these guys do this stuff. I highly recommend that if you like crazy sh!t, you should check it out... It's airing 3 times in the next week or so... Here's the dates and times:

Jan. 02/2005 9pm

Jan. 03/2005 1am

Jan. 09/2005 5pm


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