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The Join - Tonight! (Drake - 2 sets 8 &9 - Free!)


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I gather it is similar to the New Deal- basically it's Darren Shearer from the Deal on an electronic drum kit doing the live electronic trip with guests often from other contexts like the New Deal (Dan Kurtz) or Gypsy Soul (Ewan Miller). At no cover it makes for a cool time. Plus it's in the lounge of the Drake Hotel which is a really cool performance space/ art incubator/ living quarters.

If anyone is coming down and they have fumables I'm looking (Luke in the California ball cap).

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I'm pretty sure there is NO GIG at Harmony tonight. Harmony has eliminated their weekly and bi-weekly schedules of bands (even monthy if I'm not mistaken). They're now opting for a more "one-off" approach to their live music offerings...

Check with Harmony @ (416)534-1987

I'm sure a request to have the band back would help!

Peace, and happy NY!!!


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The Join was good but it was hard to appreciate against the backdrop of beautiful peopleness. I swear I looked around the room and could not find a single person that was listening to anything other than themselves!

What was amazing was that the Woodchoppers Association was downstairs playing 4 sets with over 50 musicians! More to follow.

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