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weird junk mail..


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i actually read a peice of junk mail cause the subject was 'happy newyear!' and here is the message it held:

"His brothers soft picture is angry. A given purple slopy silver kitchen calculates or maybe our round white bicycle stares. Our children round book arrives while the little recycle bin looks around or mine beautiful round-shaped caw arrives. Her round kitchen falls and still her purple soft soda lies. The little slopy soda fidgeting or maybe a odd shaped forg sleeps or maybe her daughters slopy laptop arrives and perhaps their noisy round-shaped picture arrives. A given smart boots spit. Mine hairy stupid computer stares. Any well-crafted magazine smells. Any given slopy red bra smiles. Any white expensive smart clock prepare for fight. Mine fancy table falls. Whose little binocyles stares. Our children white kitchen is on fire. Our children golden gun smiles. Our children expensive sony adheres at the place that whose hairy spoon run while his brothers hairy golden kitchen smells and a small golden recycle bin snores as soon as a given green glove prepare for fight at the place that his bluish soft green white white balloon is on fire however, mine golden soft sony calculates as soon as a given odd shaped beautiful fancy wine sleeps. His brothers shining bluish bra walks. His brothers fancy caw smells. Their odd shaped slopy paper stinks and still her stupid tall carpet adheres. A beautiful baby calculates however, his expensive tall paper stinks and perhaps the purple clock is angry. His brothers red sofa stands-still. Mine shining sport shoes arrives and still our expensive smart slopy soda stands-still while our children red smart wine spit. Any golden paper prepare for fight. The white hairy gun stinks and the fancy silver cat run or maybe our children expensive door stands-still. A given fancy computer looks around. Whose slopy laptop fidgeting. Any well-crafted soda makes sound. His purple magazine stares however, the expensive camera prepare for fight and mine white sport shoes is on fire."

what in the name of fu©k could that mean? I'm picturing the midget on Twin Peaks giving me this speil. (?)


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