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amanda's slip


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Okay...if anyone's looking to take their date out to a really cool restaurant or if a band/artist wants a nice room to play, there's a suprisingly nice casual fine dining establishment in kemptville called amanda's slip. the staff is cool, they're interested in supporting live music and artists, and the coffee's pretty good.

they're up for setting up events...the room sounds great and it's decorated well.

if we wanted to get a group of about 30 people together for a nice night of good food and we'd bring the entertainment, it could be done for cheap. look them up in the yellow pages...

and if you're a band it's 10 percent of gross with a 50 dollar minimum...not a cash cow, but a gret place to perform. no stage however, and a small house PA...but you can fill the room with sound with next to no effort.

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