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late QOTD dec 30 2004


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does anyone *actually* like listening to "drums>space" on cd? like i know when you see it live it's good times, but be honest - when you're groovin, you're doing the dishes or driving down the highway or just smoking a fattie and chilling out and this track(s) comes on - do you really sit back and love it? maybe it's just me. i'm curious, though, to see what all of you folks think.


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Jazz drum solos are rarely boring. They usually can lift anyone's emotions. Just listen to Buddy Rich or Tony Williams if you need proof.

Geez, i was just about to say, your nutz. Jazz solo's are awesome! THen a re-read it, and realized thats what you were saying....few, almost made an ass of myself.

Anyways, i agree. I've seen some jazz drum solo's that have sent shivers down my spine. The drummer from Dave Hollands band, Jack Dejohnette, and others have sent my mind spinning...

They often dont translate well to recordings....but live, man oh man!

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I really enjoy drums>space live, but almost always skip over it on a recording. I was mesmorized watching Bill Kreutzmann during the drums at the last Dead show at Darien Lake that I was at ... at one point Mickey Hart threw his drum sticks down with a grin on his face as he "gave up" trying to keep up with Kreutzmann.

In general, I am a fan of live drum solos by talented drummers, but rarely do they seem to grab me when recorded.

Peace, Mark

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There's a wealth of really interesting music in those Drums/Space segments, don't discount them, especially as we move into the later years of the Grateful Dead. If there was one thing that was consistent at a show from 1991 to 1995, it was mindblowing D/S segments. Of course, listening to Mickey attack The Beam doesn't hold up so well on disc as it did seeing it in person, but c'est la vie.

Sometimes I skip it because I'm just not in the mood, or it's driving someone else nuts, but it deserved attention from time to time.

Nothing got me more crazy back in the day than people who would just leave D/S out on a tape. Especially when they'd have it labelled and it just wasn't there.

Space is the place.

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I don't skip Drumz but if I have a disc 3 that looks like this, it's probably not getting played more than once. ;)

Drums >

Space >

Black Peter >


E: Johnny B. Goode

Now, I do like a good short Kreutzmann drum solo from the Mickey-less era. They tend to be on the deft jazzy side and I can dig that.

And I like the weird sh!t, I'd just rather have it in the middle of a long Dark Star or Playin' in the Band. When you have a specific spot in the set for "Hey, here's the weird stuff!" it just comes off too pre-canned.

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