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Do you ever come back to work after 10 days off...


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..and realize the company DIDN'T fall apart in your absence (and are genuinely shocked at that realization)?

I mean, how dare they carry on so swimmingly without me??

I clearly have an over-developed sense of my own worth.

I came in at 7:15 this morning in anticipation of thousands of emails and phone messages eagerly awaiting my response...nope..1 phone message (ONE??!) and only 227 emails.

I need a hug.

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I'm between jobs right now, but historically, I wasn't allowed 10 business days off in a row. Typically I'd come back to a bunch of notes and email messages saying things like "Can you do this right away?" and emails upon which I'd been cc:ed saying "she'll do this right away." Some of these folks were so far into their worlds that they didn't even realize I'd been gone.

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i started a new job today in Toronto

took a break from welding and work in general :: for a year and a half.

7am this morning i had 2 CWB (Canadian welding Bureau) tests to do in stainless and carbon steel

happy to say i passed them both ::

it feels so good to be back welding, burning the crap out of my hands, stinking like burnt steel.....I love my trade ::

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congrats cowboy!

still got that new job scent, eh? me too, and i'm more than happy to return.

i mainly work from the neck up now, and finally have a place to hang my degree :)

i'm going to miss your general labour cowboy, but may have a chance to sit around and talk shop soon!

speaking of, any of your former widgets survive the transition?

seeya in the smoke.

and yes, i wonder if my new employer would have made it to '05 without me. its doubtful.

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