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Jay Funk Dawg

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We need performers and volunteers quickly....

Here are the quick details...

Thursday, Jan 27 and Jan 28th - ASIA RELIEF BENEFIT @ EL MOCAMBO - Two floors of entertainment... Both DJs and Bands from the Ontario Music Community are coming together to bring people together for action and support for our friends in Asia.

more details to follow... please add your suggestions and ideas!

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call me cynical, but personally this thread makes me wonder what is the bar donating? i know that when bands perform at the elmocambo often they only get paid what is brought in by the door, not only that but they have to pay $2.50 for a glass of fountain pop and don't even mention the price of beer! so my jaded mind first thought that this sounds like the elmocambo is trying to get a whole bunch of artists to play for free to raise funds for the tsunami victims while the bar gets to profit off of this disaster by charging everyone who comes out to help ridiculous prices for drinks. mind you, i would be totally wrong about my cynical views if the bar were actually willing to donate to the relief effort themselves and offer some hospitality to the entertainers who are donating their talents and time.

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I will admit that the El MO is a little tight on drink tickets to the bands that don't fill the bar, they usually only give one per member. It is a very tough to be in the live music market in Toronto, it is probably the most competetive live music market in the country. The costs to the bar include heat, electricity, cleaning and bar staff, sound system, sound tech, light tech and security...etc.. since the door revenues go to the bands and promoters, I don't see how a venue can afford to be in business, making a slim margin of $2.50 a beer with less than 100 people in the club.

In Montreal for example it is customary for the band to buy a case of beer at cost off the bar at the start of the show (Petit Cafe Campus, Barfly, Le Cabaret). It is also unfortunate that 'our' crowd aren't a real drinkin' crowd, they would rather go outside for a joint (and sometimes inside ;))... That being said the El Mocambo has been promoting and hosting Benefit shows for all types of Charities (HIV, Cancer, Hunger in Africa, Habitat for Humanity etc...) and does a great deal to organize and promote these events as well as donating bar and tip revenues. I think also that El Mocambo has a big supporter of the "Jamband scene" where there is almost no other venue in the city that is supporting it to this level.

I do understand your concerns Alexi, so I will let you know exactly what the venue is contributing to this benefit effort.

Thursday's Line Up now include:


Winter Equinox

Cell Division

Rollin' Cash

and more to be annouced...

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So far the El Mocambo has donated $1,000 to the Red Cross, and we've had Unicef and Red Cross donation containers in the club that have raised about $300 ( That was on the day that the news hit) The Club is further going to spend about $800- $1000 promoting the event, helping the artists get the message out to everyone and donate a percentage of the bar sales. The owner of the club had lived in India (an affected region) and has family and friends who are caught in the devastation.

All proceeds of the show will go to the Red Cross Asia Relief Fund.

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Props to you Jay for doing your best to help people out. There was a tsunami relief benefit here in Rossland (pop. 3000) with local performers, by donation, and they raised $15,000!

Also, Broken Social Scene are playing a tsunami relief benefit at Lee's Palace on January 25th. $30.

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