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QOTD: Music Related Christmas Gifts


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Keys to the rain: The definitive Bob Dylan encyclopedia (book)

Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series Vol: 1-3 & Vol: 6 (4-CDs - Two box sets)

A Head's Tale - DVD

Jimi Hnedrix - "Expirence" 1969-02-24 - Unrealesed Movie - DVD (bootleg)

The Doors (movie) - Oliver Stone (DVD)

Guitar strings

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Ah, it's good seeing a Who fan like Willy getting The Isle Of Wight DVD. I too received The Who @ The Isle Of Wight for Christmas: " Young Man Blues " baby!!!!

Here's some other music related gifts:

Festival Express DVD

The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus DVD

North Mississippi Allstars Hill Country Review: Live @ Bonnaroo CD

Red Good Charlotte T-shirt - fu©kin' EH!!!!!!

Jimi @ Monterey McFarlane statue ( burning his guitar )

Dickey Betts with moe. and Phish photos

Bubba Ho-Tep DVD

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favourite christmas memory this year is music related: watching rick shop for cymbals at steve's music on december 27. here's your mental image- super skinny and tall arlo guthrie look alike in front of a huge wall of cymbals banging and crashing on them like he's playing whack-a-mole, while snickering so hard all his curly hair shakes when everyone stares to give him dirty looks for being so annoying....total classic funny moment. i like shopping with ricky, he's hilarious! :D

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heh, i was just wondering today where the hell you've been willy! nice question.

and boy oh boy do i ever have answers! ::

okay, number 1: a soundboard feed of the one & only cure show i've ever been to (VERY emotional experience for me), c/w a beautiful case and picture label on actual cd... the most touching part, all the artwork on the case & cd is made from pictures I TOOK AT THE SHOW -- backbacon sneakily stole these from my house without my knowledge so i had no idea at all he was doing this. awwww

the rest are all tied for second place:

nirvana box set (from my beautiful sister, the *five feet of fury*... thanks missy!!!!!!)

not one, but TWO copies (for house & car! yeah!) of an amazing radiohead show i'd be going on about. awesome cover & cd art yet again... thanks backbacon!

also from backbacon and also with awesome cover art, a copy of a very important nirvana show (the rome show... right around the time kurt OD'd in rome)

nirvana's bleach album (from my brother), which i've been wanting for ages!

yet again from bb and yet again with great cover art, this adorable little mini-cd (a mix), and a great stevie wonder album (can't remember the name right now).

i think that's it as far as music goes. ::

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Hey Willy!

Almost all of my gifts were music related. I got:

Hand drumming lessons

All 4 Beatles dolls

Tribute to George Harrison DVD

Phish IT DVD

Monteray Pop Festival DVD set

Norah Jones DVD

Festival Express DVD

Great CDs from Meggo, Stapes and Guigsy.

A new Tamborine and egg shaker.

Good times!!! Bring on the noise bring on the funk!

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In no particular order:

- Nirvana box set

- 2 John Frusciante CDs (A Sphere in the Heart of Silence and Shadows Collide with People)

- Robert Downey Jr. CD

- Festival Express DVD

- New Tom Waits CD

- (Best of Original) Gordon Lightfoot CD

- new CD Walkman (my old one plays only mono now - someone can have it for free if they think they can fix it).

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