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Hendrix Biopic Hits A Major Hurdle


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I thought Andre 3000 was a great choice for playing Hendrix. Of course, there are great covers they could use in the film instead of originals: Killing Floor, All Along The Watchtower, Hey Joe, Wild Thing, Like A Rolling Stone.

Here's the story from Dark Horizons:

Jimi Hendrix Biopic Devastated

Posted: Tuesday January 4th, 2005 11:31pm

Source: Latino Review

Author: Garth Franklin

Andre 3000's attempt at bringing Jimi Hendrix's life story to the big screen has hit a major hurdle - the rock great's estate won't allow his music to be used in the film says ContactMusic.

Andre fears the Hendrix biopic will remain unmade because movie-makers will never gain the rights to use the guitar great's songs. He says, "I've heard that Will Smith wanted to do it (the film) at one time, Laurence Fishburne; Eddie Murphy had wanted to do it in the beginning of his career.

There's been a lot of scripts to try to make it happen, but nothing can go on. I can go and make a Hendrix film right now, but I could not use any Hendrix songs that he wrote in the film."

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That's too bad about the biopic...the Hendrix estate seems to be quite stingy with regard to exactly which projects his name and likeness are involved in. The script etc will probably have to be quite good in order for them to give the green light.

As for the Russian Hendrix, Pais that link is hilarious. I went the Little Wing page and just clicked a random one and it turned out to be a full band with female (Russian) singer. Possibly a drum machine though. The are these supposed to be professional musicians/semi-well-known Russian artists? Because the guitar playing is all around pretty sh!tty, tone and style included. The afformentioned drum machine adds an intense cheese factor, and the vocals are hilarious. "Butterflies and zebras and....rubies...and fairy tales...zat's all she ever talks about."

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naw, pretty sure its all user submitted... you'll note that the only english on the page is the type of guitar being used

keep on clickin, there's a few really cool ones amongst the wierd ones (and who doesn't want to waste 2 hours listening to 60 different versions of Little Wing and Hey Joe???)

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