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The Spades January shows


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I'll probably be checking out those two Ottawa dates...

Del: A better alternative might be to see The Spades on Friday night, and on Saturday go see Bootyjuice (w/ Vanderpark) at Cafe Dekcuf. I hope Bootyjuice gets a good audience, as they're a US band on their first (IIRC) Canadian tour, and a good turnout from Ottawa might make them amenable to come back here in the future. (They're also seriously funky and horny.)

I'm not sure what my plans are for that weekend...I may go to Montreal on Friday, Jan. 14 to see Addison Groove Project at Le Swimming, then skip their Saturday night show :: to come back for Bootyjuice/Vandarpark; I want to see AGP, and also make sure they get taped, and, well, they come up here much more rarely :( than The Spades do (which is a compliment to The Spades).



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Its so awesome to see The Spades getting gigs with great band like Joel Plaskett, Jim Cuddy and Cuff The Duke! I'm excited watching them slowly move on to bigger things. That NYE setlist looked smokin! I wonder how much it would cost to book them for a one-off gig in Rossland, hehe.

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ya howler! you should definitely make it down to the patch for a spades show. especially if boogie's hostin a skank party.

in fact, i've got a better idea - the spades play AT boogie's house and we party down aaaalllllll night ::

I would be down for that but we will have to wait untilk the summer time so they call play on our new deck :)

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