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World Tsunami Aid Surpasses $3 Billion


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The article is here

I have a few thoughts about all this:

1. It's great to see the world rally together in this magnitude

2. It's surprising that it takes a so-called "disaster" to make it happen, when a disease such as HIV and AIDS is exponentially more disruptive (in terms of numbers killed by it, economies destroyed by it, etc)

3. I think the number of casualties could've been drastically reduced if the world recognized global poverty as the number one threat to safety, security and human health.

4. I'm surprised at how little the US has contributed towards the relief effort, and how reactive they were in doing so.

5. I'm amazed that the Earth can still be the boss of us, although I wouldn't wish something like this on anyone.

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i like your 5th point especially ahess...

although, like you said, i would never ever wish a thing like this to happen to anybody ever - i love it when the earth shows that it's a living thing that (hopefully!) we will never be able to fully control, whether it's thru something crazy like a volcano erupting or something more subtle like a sunrise... ooooo i love it.

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I donated lots of cash to African AIDS relief this year, so I still haven't donated to the tsunami funds yet, not sure if I will. BUT, my employer is matching contributions for the tsunami victims, so I asked them why just for this cause? To which they replied, 'Good point.' 5 minutes later an email came out from the CEO saying from now on the company will match any donation to a recognised charity in Canada, retro-active to July 1, 2004.

Pretty sweet.


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