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nero's eve 2005


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The end of the year and an indefinate end for one of Canada's top independant jambands, nero was celebrated in Ottawa last friday night at Maverick's. Many people travelled a very impressive and flattering distance to experience Dec.31, 2004 with friends, new and old.

We've posted a SHOW REVIEW and PHOTOS of the evening. Have a read and look to revisit the evening and remember how magical a night with nero is. You can download the show from archive.org RIGHT HERE

Thanks nero!
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... what a nice read, andre, thank you. some quotes which were most poignant to me:

"Just for good measure, the boys banged out an encore of Condor, which completely crystallized the room. We dreaded this moment as much as we embraced it."

that's bang-on... i don't think i will ever forget how i felt during that song...


"You have each enriched our lives in many ways and a family was born, thrust from your music."


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God that was a great show.

Happy happy, joy joy!!! I can stream this show at work!!! I don't know why because I've tried streaming other stuff and I couldn't. But this I can!! Whoohoo!!

Indeed, it was a good show, wasn't it? Those guys are pretty good, aren't they? ::

A lot of you have been fans for years...I have for just a short time...1 year and a half maybe? Kinda sucks to have it stop now. But hey, I can still listen to them...thanks to recorded music.

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Thanks for such a phenomenal night everyone. The music and the company kept were stellar. Extreme kudos as well to the Bou/oches for providing a summation of the eve and a forum for us all to express our impressions in. As well to the 40 main mainstays who made sure the party and the music never stopped that eve / ensuing day. (Did it ever stop?!)

Cheers to the nero boys & Velvet for being such rockin' lads, both in musical wizardry and in spirit. I wish you all nothing but the best.

Take care and thanks for the memories... you're a fine bunch indeed.



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Well,I've wanted to post in this thread for a couple days now,but wasn't sure what to add here,so instead I decided to post what I posted in the thank you thread of Howler's.

Massive thanks to nero for the years of fine music,laughs & friendship.I probally wouldn't have met so many of the friends I have now if not for ya'll,another huge thanks.Hands down the best dam after-parties ever!

I love ya guys,the friendships aren't over,but as a band its not going to be the same without ya.

All the best to you guys in the future,see ya soon.(feb)

It’s these changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes

Nothing remains quite the same

With all of our running and all of our cunning

If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane

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so, maybe i think too much... BUT..

i got my itunes on shuffle right now, and i just heard the intro to the 2nd set from nero's eve... "this set will be all steve miller songs"...

the last time i was a little torn up about losing an awesome canadian band that i thought was just kinda coming into there own and could really turn some heads and blow some minds, it was 1999 and it was Thrush Hermit.

they're from the east... the punk's from the east...

once upon a time, thrush hermit did an all steve miller set at one of the earlier edgefests.... tip of that hat? odd coincidence? a fan who goes way too deep into music to find sh!t like this? who knows...

(not to hijack the thread, but at any rate, did anyone here catch that thrush hermit/steve miller set? i didnt, but have heard the legend of it...)

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