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Question of the day 01-07-05


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After reading this in another thread I thought this would make a good QOTD.

"What is something you believe to be true but cannot prove or be proven?"

I believe that we are all actually just a part of some greater being or universe. Like cells in the body, we are all connected and really when you look deep enough all matter is made up of the same thing.

Also, I believe music is the expression of the creative forces that make up our infinate unvierse.

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....I'm gonna cut your face....

Actually, nero's-eve was notable in that it brought together the Sanctuary Weir-army, I'm not gonna name names just yet, but let me just say, there are several of us around now, and we plan on exercising our new power real soon....so watch it boyee....goin' of feeeeeee, goin' on a feeeeee


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that everything has energy in it and everything is related through this energy. we are a part of each other, the plants, animals and even rocks. this energy can not be created or destroyed and the only constant characteristic of said energy is change. energy might not be the right word, but it's the best i have to work with.

that, and my destiny lies in northern ontario.

i can't qualify any of these statements.

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This is something I know. That army Hux speaks of is going to be weak.

Dude have you not noticed that people feign conversation, in hopes you will stop talking about Booby?

I do it all the time.

"Your right Hux and I never realized it before. Bob sings So Many Roads far better than Jerry ever did."

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