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***1st Annual Skank Exchange***


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Well the tinsel is coming off the tree, and the pumpkin is floating out to sea...therefore this is the time to pm myself if you did NOT, recieve your gift. What i will do is pm your giver and give them a bit more time...before they suffer the skank wrath.

i would like to give props to largemarge who in her present to me, encapsulated the concept of the exchange and radiated goodness every which way.

for those interested 26 people signed up. RIGHT ON!

Cheers to you all.



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Thank you Mr.Tonin, although I had both of the first presents I'm looking forward to digging into the seconds.

I re-gifted on one of the first ones and added the other as a master copy for keep-sake.

Thanks brah, my gift was just sent yesterday, what can I say, I've had a busy holidays, better late than never though, my skank is a whiney biach anyway.

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A great idea ... thanks for organizing it dancingbear!

Glad you got the packages c-towns ... after I sent the first package I thought maybe you already had the first discs but regifting some sweet music is always fun.

Thanks to LMP for my gifts ... given that they were from LMP, I'm sure that some of you can imagine what I've been up to with my time! :: ::

Peace, Mark

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I mentioned this before, but this is an obvious place to experss my thanks to my secret santa. I'm maximally overwhelmed by my gift. I should explain.

One of the things I thought to do for NYE was, assuming we each got a copy of the poster for the show (which I had seen before, and which Velvet handed), get each band member to sign it. I'm not an autograph hound, but this was a Special Thing.

If you listened really carefully as I entered Mavericks, you heard a little whoosh! noise. That was that idea (along with a couple of others) evacuating from my brain at top speed.

During the show, MattyC came up to me, handed me a bag, and said, "Your secret santa wanted you to have this."

It was dark, and I was pretty drunk, so I glanced at it, saw it was a picture/art of some sort, and set it down, to be perused and understood later.

The next morning, I looked at it, and couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It's a mounted (under glass, with a large border) shot from a nero show, done in a kind of smeared/arty way; if you didn't know it was nero, you wouldn't be able to identify it.

And I know it's a shot of nero because of what's on the back: signed words of friendship and thanks (and a nice "Happy Hallowe'en!" from Dave :) ) from each band member, including Velvet.

To whoever gave it to me: thank you. To get such a personalized gift, and such a meaningful one given me, the band, and the occasion, fills me with delight. I don't have much art displayed at HouseM*, but this will be the first thing I hang up, in a place everybody can see it, and hung in such a way that I can easily take it down to turn it over and show everybody what's on the back.



* OK, I don't have any art displayed at HouseM...

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I know I've posted my appreciation in other threads to DancingBear for initiating and facilitating the exchange and to FariSari for sending me such a great gift, but I think that there were a lot of people who helped with the delivery of gifts as well.

It took a community of committed people to make this work. Well done to everyone.

Let's do it again next year!

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