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Jay Funk Dawg

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Early in 2004, just before the Rebirth of Hooch live recording sessions, The JSB spent a week in the studio/home of Toronto's Dave Newfeld (Hayden, BSS, Mean Red Spiders) to experiment with new sounds and a new perspective, compliments of this top Canadian producer. Best known for working with Toronto's Broken Social Scene, Newfeld brings a fresh, no rules approach to his recordings.

Intended as pre-production for the their next studio album, The three one take tracks, show a much more raw and unpolished version of JSB, offering a glimpse of the heavier direction the band has been taking as of late.

"...they're really dark, warm, and dirty as hell!!! ...We've always been about trying to bring all of our different influences together, hoping to create something new and unique. Working Dave brought a whole new way of thinking into what we do, it was a very refreshing experience and we're really happy with what came out of it." - Big Mike - JSB


The three rough mix/unmastered demo tracks hadn't been released to the public until now. You can check them out, along with most of the JSB catalog, as high quality streaming audio at the bottom of the music section at


Let us know what you think of em'

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