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I get quite annoyed when I state that I am a slash fan and people come back with, "But why? Why do you like slash? There are so many good het/gen stories out there. Give them a try..." These kinds of comments make slash fans feel that they have to justify themselves, that they have to come up with many valid reasons why they like slash, so as not to be looked down on by other fans. Well, I have decided that I am not going to do this. I was discussing this with a fellow fan, and she quite correctly pointed out that a person's likes and dislikes usually can't be justified.

I mean, put it this way: what's your favourite food/colour/drink? What is your least favourite? Can I explain why I prefer the taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken to sushi? No. Can I explain why I like the colour purple as opposed to ecru? No. Why I prefer coffee to tea? No. And no one would dream of trying to make me explain those preferences, either. So why should I have to explain why I prefer slash to other kinds of fanfic? I shouldn't have to. I just do.

I don't go around asking het and gen fans to explain to me why they like those kinds of stories, or worse, demanding that they tell me why they won't read slash. But slash fans get this a lot. And I am tired of feeling I have to justify myself to people. So from now on, I won't. And you shouldn't either (unless you want to). So when someone asks why you like slash, say, "I just do." And if that isn't enough of an answer for them, ask them to justify why they like their favourite food. It's time we stopped apologizing for being slash fans. No more.

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