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ha! 18000 for hockey and 600 for tragedy. i posed this same theory the other night with the fabulous shelby and adam...i said people don't care about anything unless they know the consequences to themselves.

i'm usually a really caring person. tragedy moves me. when this tsunami thing happened, it didn't pull at my heart strings as other acts of god have in the past. and considering the magnitude of this event i was surprised. i was primarily concerned with foreign aid and the political ramifications of it until a friend pointed out that when giant natural disasters happen where there is a huge death toll and not much to help survivors it's like a festering wound in the earth. that area with dirty water, little to no food and little adequate medical treatment will become a breeding ground for disease and possibly create a plague that chronilogically the world is due for. That made sense to me. knowing the consequences to me.

it sucks. we think we're enlightened, unselfish, caring people. something bad happens, we open our wallets and from that point on we say go away. maybe it's over exposure that desensitizes us i dunno, but name one disaster locally or globally that doesn't get forgotten sooner rather than later.

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publicity has something to do with it, but you would think that an event with the prime minister (let alone all of those other dignitaries) would draw more than 600 people.

you think bush does anything in the states that only 600 people show up to? if you don't want to compare ourselves to the US fine, you think any leader of any country shows up in the nations capitol with a population of over 1 million and 600 people show up? i'm not making excuses or trying to say people don't care, this bothers me, it's embarrassing to me as a canadian and i'll be interested to see if this gets swept under the rug or if they come out with why this didn't work out.

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