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Cool stuff to do in Montreal??

Mr. Photogeek

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Originally posted by Mr. Photogeek:

Maybe I should have told you I am also going with my wife...
[big Grin]

No problem. They'll let her in too! [big Grin]

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There is this place called super sex down somewhere. it opens at 1pm (we were standing out side day after the slip waiting) nice place and if you go on Sunday its "lesbian Sundays" were $150 will get you two lovely ladies being knotty for 1/2 hour and 6 beers in a pale of ice. [Eek!] I only wish I had more then just gas money in my pocket at this point in the trip. that was a crazy weekend [big Grin]

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I'd just love a weekend in montreal right about now. If the weather's good, head up to the park (on Du Parc) and walk around the tam-tam (drum jam) on Sunday to check out the freaks. Then you can walk up the mountain and get a nice view of the city. You'll be right by the Plateau area, so a walk around St. Laurent between Des Pins and St. Viateur will be nice. Lots of used clothes, vinyl, cafes, cheap eats, etc. Le Swimming is in this area too. If you make it up to the Fairmont/St. Viateur area, grab a dozen bagels and check out the Hassidic neighborhood up there. You can also get kick-ass coffee on St. Viateur.

A few streets further is the Jean Talon Market which is mostly food and stuff like that, but pretty interesting. It has a metro station.

There's good Jazz for a decent price at Upstairs downtown, and great beer at Brewtopia (along with the odd jamband) or Dieu Du Ciel (my personal favorite).

St. Denis is a cool street for more of the French side of things, especially if your wife likes the "haute couture" stuff.

OOPS. Almost forgot that a few hours in Old Montreal is always fun. It's at the Place d'Armes or Champs de Mars metro station.

Hope that helps!

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