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Every Friday, 5-8pm Steve Strongman/Jesse O'Brien. free.

Fri. Jan 14th 10pm Booty Juice, Diesel Dog, dancing and romancing www.bootyjuicefunk.com www.dieseldog.ca $6.00, 19+

Sat. Jan 15. Attack of the Geek. v7, Dym, Industial, Goth, Electronica, Video Chaos

www.mushroomschemes.com $5.00, 19+

Fri. Jan 21. Jimmy Swift Band, Contact www.jimmyswiftband.com www.contacttheband.ca

Thur. Jan 27th Nonie Crete,Eugen Rea, Tom Leighton, Greg Quill www.noniecrete.com www.gregquill.com

Fri. Jan 28th Waxmannequin, Lure, Beep www.waxmannequin.com

Sat. Jan 29th Special Ed, Jomomma

Fri. Feb. 4th Mr. Something Something, guest dj Jon Sikich www.mrsomethingsomething.com

Sat. Feb. 5th BA Johntston, Escapegoats www.justfriends.ca www.escapegoats.ca

Fri. Feb 11th. Caution Jam, Rose Garland

Sat. Feb. 12th Turning Point (Hamilton Edition) Featuring: A Man Called Warwick www.ducktape.ca

Fri. Feb 18th Plan C www.planc.ca

Sat. Feb 19th Fat Cats

Thurs. Feb 24th The Acoustics

Fri Feb. 25th Vanderpark

More soon...


38 King William, Hamilton


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hmmmmmmmm JSB and contact an hour from home, or JSB with king dungshine a block away.....stinktown here i come!! What a good pairing!! Ken what time will the show be starting? I don't wan to miss a minute of it!

nice on the something something too, i'm diggin those guys a lot too now

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hmmmm as a way of rewarding those who show up early (since NO ONE does) and as a method of increasing the competition in the dance off, why not have some cheap drinks before the music starts or say before 10 or 10:30? hmmm???? hahaha or are we a sloppy enough crowd come 2 o clock anyways?

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I'll be at Wax too if the hardcore-punk at the Underground doesnt require my babysitting.

Would like to see a night featured around B.A. too. Usually see a short opening set is all.

It's his cd Release Show for the cd" my heart is broken nintendo" . So i think he will play a longer show than normal. And I think the escapegoats are opening up. And there might be a couple of stand up comics there too. hope to see ya there.

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