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Someone PLEASE help me name this moe. tune...


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OK, I'm currently tracking the Montreal moe. show to put up this weekend and there seems to be a tune between Faker and Hi & Lo at the beginning of the second set that I recognize but cannot name. I've been through a bunch of setlists and shows that I have but can't seem to put my finger on which one it is. The lyric goes like this:

Time is a song just waiting for a singer

Song is a fire that burns in the night

Burning so hot that the flesh becomes thinner

Beginning to think that you tend to lose sight...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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From the PhantasyTour setlist archive:

11/11/04 Cafe Campus, Montreal, QC

Set I: Crab Eyes, Wicked Awesome, Stranger Than Fiction, Good Trip, Water, Biblical> Waiting For The Punchline

Set II: Faker> Hi and Lo> Big World> George, Spine Of A Dog> So Long> Spine Of A Dog

Encore: Cornflake Girl, Six Days on the Road

Doesn't look like there's a song between Faker and Hi & Lo...

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