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JamCruise review


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Hey All-

Sarah and I recently got back from our trip

down south. She will be reviewing our Belize

stay(eventually) and I'm gonna try and sum up


Huge thumbs up for Jamcruise. If any folks

are thinking about ever going! Do it!! Just

don't jock your goodies and walk past the

drug sniffing dog in the Port. As that's how

the dozen or so folks got burned.

It all started in Jacksonville Beach with

a pre-cruise party. Col. Bruce and the

Codetalkers opened for the North Mississippi

Allstars with Eric Krasno(Soulive) guesting

on guitar for a song. Great way to get the

party started.

Anyways- I knew it was gonna be a special

Cruise when the first folks we were having

cocktails with on the Lido deck were Keller

Williams crew (Lou and Andrew), then on the

way to the Safety Talk I ran into Fishman.

We both had our life jackets on,and a funny

conversation ensued. As the ship has no backstage,

all the bands enjoyed meals,drinks,fun etc

amongst everyone. Conversations with Col Bruce

Hampton at the Pool, Zach from STS9 and Kyle

from SCI in the Sushi Line. Literally all over

the boat you'd run into band members with whom

you'd share a drink,food and conversation with.

Bottom line the music onboard was incredible.

4 stages going from noon until morning pretty

much everyday. What made most shows special were

the collaborations with guests. As well, all the

stages were quite close, so you could check out

several bands all within a few minutes of each

other. The big bonus, was there was no sound

leakage into the different venues.

Highlights are numerous to mention. Ozomatli!

JMP with Jeff Coffin(Flecktones) on sax. NM

Allstars with Jake Cinninger(Umph.McGee) on

guitar. Keller in the Lounge and at the Pool.

Late night Galactic with Karl Denson, amongst

others.ARU with Eric Krasno,Skerik,Coffin. Marco

Benevento and Leslie Helpert at the Piano Bar.

The Duo with Theresa Andersson. Les Claypools

Frog Brigade with Stanton Moore, Karl Denson and

Jimmy Herring. Garaj Mahal with Eric Krasno,Jeff

Coffin,Robert Walter, Kyle Hollingsworth and Cochemea

Gastelum on sax. Peter Rowan and Tony Rice Quartet.

Kyle Hollingsworth new band the Remarkable Elba

Kramer with guest J.Coffin. Mofro with guest Ben

Ellman(Galactic) on sax. Zilla with Travis from SCI.

The Stanton Moorestars included The Duo,Herring,Coffin,

Walter,Oteil,Gastelum amongst others. STS9 sunset set!

Tishmingo with Karl D. DJ Harry and DJ Logic guesting

all over the boat. Karl D's set with tons of guests

including Skerik,some Ozo players,Zach from Sound Tribe.

The Umphrey's McGee highlight was the when Jimmy Herring,

followed by Brock Butler(Perpetual Groove) and Alan Hertz

all guested.

As well my new favorite band I had never seen before the

Cruise, Perpetual Groove. These guys can play!!! Brock

Butler is a hell of a guitar player. Be sure to try and

see these guys. They are heading up to the Northeast in

the spring, it would be great to see a local show... Hope

some of you local promoters are reading!


I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of already. But there was

an incredible amount of talent playing what seemed like

around the clock. Good Times!!

Aside from the music to keep you entertained. They

had Bingo with Fishman, and Brownstein(Bisco), autograph

signings, Texas Hold'em Poker with UmpMcGee, Motley

Cruise Karaoke, Sunset Yoga, Mardis Gras Parade, 3 pools,

2 whirlpools, casino, a bunch of bars, a pile of shore

excursions in Freeport Bahamas, and ofcourse the awards

ceremony. Such illustrious awards as wookie of the year,

biggest bar tab, least amount of sleep, shwilliest dude..

lots of laughs.

And finally the food. They had 2 full restaurants for

breakfast,lunch and dinner. Vegetarian options. 2 buffets

that were open pretty much 24 hrs. As well as 24 hr

pizza,coffee,juice,icecream etc. Salad Bar, Desert Bar,

Sandwich Bar. The Buffets were awesome, prime rib, chops

etc you name it. The restaurants were great too, different

menu at each meal including lots of seafood(lobster,shrimp etc)

They also had a Sushi Bar each night! At most meals you'd

find yourself seated amongst friends and bands.

We had a blast, and hope the Jamcruise becomes a familiar

festival for us! www.jamcruise.com



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speaking of perpetual groove cause i also love these guys... check out the rig they had for this night... if they are touring theatres and clubs with that .. holy schmokes!


Mon Oct 04, 2004


The Speed Of Surround :: Week One

Tour kick off at The Variety Playhouse.... Lots of friends backstage tonight - T-Dawg, Paul Diaz, Robert Hannon and the entire Treesound Studios Crew, The Atlanta Degy Office, and of course, The Dunhams. Hard to believe it has been three years since we did our first show in Atlanta and three years since we first met The Dunhams. And here we all are once again.

The Variety load in was painful. The surround rig is a beast! Basically, it comprises about 150 feet of truss, 3-4 miles of cable, nearly 40 speaker boxes, and then of course, all the lighting and band gear. It's a damn good thing we have such a hard working crew.

The Variety rocked, and without question, it was a strong first show for the tour, but the real heat came in Nashville the following night. Gaster and crew were really getting the surround system dialed in and the band was simply on fire. Seek out a recording of this show, it was one for the ages.

Well, we are all bruised, battered and tired and will most likely spend the next couple of days in the ICU trying to recover for the next round of shows, which by all indications should be even better then this past weekend......until then....

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It was great after the music to be back in a comfortable bed, no noise, sat. tv, etc not stuck in a tent with the usual festival rain pelting down.

As for Pounder... after raging with him before X-mas at the annual Cider night(where all you drink is Cider) our braincells needed a Vacation from the Bluto incarnate!

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