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Awesome show in NYC!


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From the Slip's message board:


So... Brad, Andrew, Marco, Rich Stein potentially others are going to be playing together at a party in NYC, January 22nd

Saturday7PM til Late

873 Broadway (b/w 18th & 19th)

Ring buzzer #0009

suggested donation @ door

info call: 917-923-6753

Projectile Arts presents an evening of Belas Artes, fine art and music, to benefit the exploration of two urgent and pressing social movements in Latin America.

7PM - 9PM: Art, Free Wine & Reggae

silent auction featuring the works of Joshua Abelow, Jade Hoye, Baptiste Ibar, Pattie Lee,

Andrew Moon Bain, Yamini Nayar, James Rexroad, and more

9PM: Film

Video Footage

Q&A with filmmakers

10PM: Live Music

featuring Brad and Andrew Barr of The Slip, Marco Benevento, Rich Stein and special guests

Late Night: Hip Hop, Soul by DJ Akalepse

Raffles, Games, Empanadas and much more!

Damn I wished I lived in NYC... Brad Barr played a solo gig there on Thursday, and Marc Friedman joined him, playing keys! (If I get the recording, I'll post about it and get it spread around...).

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How DARE you deny that you once had a distaste for the Slip, I remember quite clearly but don't have the means to dig out your posts on the subject way back when.And just look at you now, you've become the biggest Slip poster on this message board, outdoing Luke, me and everyone else who kept telling you how great they are.

For shame :)

On another note, I wish I lived in NYC for so many reasons, including parties like this.

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I've explained my feelings about The Slip, I never hated them... I reserve hate for bands that truly deserve it, like Ween... This party looks unreal, Brad, Andrew and Benevento? A "suggested donation" to get into an apartment party? People in Ottawa, Toronto, etc. should look at doing shows like this... (We probably couldn't get the Barr brothers, but you know what I mean...).

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yeah, this looks like it'd be an awesome time... saw it this morning... sometimes i really wish i lived closer to that place.

i gave a listen to the Surprise Me Mr. Davis High Sierra set the other day, and benevento sits in again with the guys, and i got to thinking, a band comprised of The Slip, Nathan Moore, and Marco Benevento would be an awesome ensemble. in terms of what i think they could do, i thought to myself "the closest thing this generation of music would get to The Band" - maybe not the same sound, but definitely rock n roll in that same vein.

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well boys...save your bones cause plane tickets aren't always overpriced...you can get cheap ticket deals...find a way to get a bunch of people down there...not too far of a drive when you think about it. if you can organize the time and save the cash it's totally doable.

you just have to get to the point where you can save that kind of money up over time...or move to NYC (or close)

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