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URGENT ALERT- from Mayan elders in Guatemala


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I was on the Ontario Rainbow Family website when I came across this. Please, if you have nothing 'nice' to say in regard to this message, keep it to yourself. THis call to action is for tomorrow, January 18th. For those of us who believe in our spirituality as beings, and the uniting of many positive energies and intentions to bring about good on this earth.

Urgent call from the MAYAN ELDERS of Guatemala



>Through the ancient techniques of divination and

tools of prophecy, the>Mayan elders are calling forth

to humanity at THIS TIME to pay closer>attention to

the messages being sent forth by the mother earth and

to>immediately take the actions they have been calling

for, to unite in an>effort to bring balance again upon

our planet.

The recent destruction that manifested in Indonesia


OF THE EARTH. This message is not meant to induce

fear, to the contrary, it is a call for bravery and

for action. The elders are concerned about what has

been presented in their recent divinations and they

call to all humanity to warn their leaders and to work

very hard at a spiritual level to prevent the

impending destruction. This message, verified

and brought forth by various Mayan elders in

Guatemala, is for all of

humanity. The hurricanes in the US and the earthquake

and tsunami in Indonesia

have been warnings and we must now pay attention or

the possibilities of floods in Europe, Los Angeles,

earthquakes and other efforts of the mother

earth to awaken us will manifest quickly.

There is a specific call for people around the world

to join in prayer, meditation or whatever method of

spirituality one engages in to unite on JANUARY 18th

at the time of their local sunset (approx 6:00PM).

This date is (9) Keme according to the sacred Mayan

Cholq'ij calendar(more info on>calendar available at:

http://www.sacredroad.org) and has the

potential for>protecting humanity from disaster.


>There will be many major ceremonies in the Mayan

communities for this

>purpose. An open invitation is extended to humanity

that wish to join


>Mayan people for the Waxa'qib B'atz' ceremonies on



>Again, this is a strong message, not meant to drive

us to react in fear, for this will only negatively

impact the level of destruction and our own

circumstance. This is the opportunity for humanity to

rise to the occasion and come together along the

strong lines that unite us and overcome

the >obstacles that divide us.

>Please distribute this message widely.


>Message issued by Mayan elders in Guatemala and

delivered via:

>Carlos Barrios, Mayan Ajq'ij, Antigua, Guatemala

>Adam Rubel, Co-Director, Saq' Be': Organization for

Mayan and


>Spiritual Studies, http://www.sacredroad.org


>This work is licensed under the Creative Commons

>Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License. To view a

copy of this



http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/ or

send a

letter to

>Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford,

California 94305,



>Saq' Be': Organization for Mayan and Indigenous

Spiritual Studies

>www.SacredRoad.org <http://www.sacredroad.org/> -


>Bringing young adults and others together with

ancient traditions for

>cultural preservation and to foster a deeper

spiritual, ecological and

>communal awareness so as to plant the seeds for a

more harmonious




>Sb-announce mailing list: Sb-announce@sacredroad.org

>To be removed from this list, please visit




Peter Ustinov

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Please, if you have nothing good to say in regard to this message, keep it to yourself.

since when is censorship an aspect of intelligent discussion? what this says to me is if you don't agree with what is said then you can't participate. this is one of the founding methods of facism.

That's a polite request, not censorship.

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i took it as a polite request to keep the nature of this thread a postitive one. The world does need positive energy. I doubt the intention was for censeorship or a step towards facism.

whether you believe in this method of sprituality or not what could hurt to have some postive, loving thoughts tomorrow around sunset and help create some postive energy for the world.

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okay well, i can see what you mean...i guess i didn't think about opening such a post for discussion in such a way. I do not want to censor anyone but rather my statement was directed at persons who cause sh!t for the sake of causing sh!t (ie. Lazlo -sorry buddy) If anyone would like to discuss that's totally fine with me if not welcome. But senseless crap is just not what i wanted to see in reply to this..that is all. I am just refering to a phrase that was always said to me by my mother --"if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" which does not refer to a differing opinion at all, but rather to making inane comments.

I have changed the word "good" to 'nice' now...if it makes any difference.

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right on, just for the record, i totally am in for positive meditation coming from any creed or lack thereof (ie. atheists such as myself) i just like to think of the board as an open forum for discussion and advancement of my own beliefs. if the ability to constructively criticize each other is removed we are one step closer to a homogenous group. this makes us easy prey for those who wish to undermine our freedom to think and act as individuals.

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can agree with the natural planet's messed up and giving some pretty obvious hints of such

can also agree every positive effort doesn't always have to be debated... found some of the comments mocking the tsunimi victims to be in the lowest of bad taste and can see why some of the more sensitive members of our community would ask not to be mocked over something they care about

don't really see how that adds up to fascism (though can see how mocking a sensitive issue would smother a free conversation)

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this is how censorship is facist;

1.one group is in control of the ideas that are allowed to be expressed.

2.another group has ideas that are contrary to the group in power.

3. this group with the contrary ideas are not allowed to express them.

4. only the group in power has a voice.

5. the group in power therefore controls the ideals and no one is allowed to have a differing opinion.

6. no progress or intellectual development occurs because only one kind of idea is allowed.

7. we are officially not allowed to differ from that which we are told and we have no access to differing opinions supplied by others and we are not allowed to express our own disparate thoughts.

8. discourse is eradicated.

mocking sensitive issues is a really idiotic thing to do. i can see that when it happens, so can almost everyone else. that's because we are allowed to read and interpret how we choose.

i am in favour of what is contained in the words from the mayan elders.

i am not in favour of suppression of expression. i like debate. it helps us to learn and grow as an informed public when those of differing ideas are allowed equal access to expression. if we shelter ourselves from those things which don't support our ideas, all we are doing is reinforcing what we already believe instead of exploring all angles of an issue. for instance, if we were trying to debate abortion we would not only read literature from the catholic church. we would also look at literature about and by henry morgentaler. also, if we expose ourself to the thoughts of our intellectual nemesis we will better be able to form our own contradictions to what they are saying or reform our ideas in light of new information supplied by the opposing viewpoint. for example, the movie reefer madness was a propaganda movie made to scare people away from smoking pot. at that time there was no access to information about the benefits of marijuana use because of censorship, therefore, most people believed that marijuana could turn you in to a maniacal murderer. now, most people know that we are not going to rape and kill our friends after we smoke a big fattie. we do know that marijuana is a great painkiller and aids in the healing of many illnesses, the best known being glaucoma. this knowledge is a direct result of opposing viewpoints being allowed equal access to expression.

on the flipside, even though hate literature is prevalent in our society, most of us do not adhere to the ideals of such groups as the ku klux klan. this is because we are equipped with the faculty of reason. we can read the kkk literature and logically oppose it because we have the right to create and access information just as much as these types of groups do.

censorship shows a lack of confidence in the strength of a society.

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This is more self-suppression than moderator's imposition. Those moderators are surprisingly free spirited where censorship is concerned. And one person requesting that you not comment isn't imposed, it's just...requested. I was sort of waiting for someone to say something stupid anyway but surprisingly they didn't.

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i say lets turn this big blue and green ball we all live on into one giant party for the next 8 years!

That was the plan... ::

del, you forgot to post the memo on the events board at the retirment home for me! remind me again in 2010. say isnt 2010 the year phish will return?i wonder what the elders say about that?

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I believe now is a very important time for people to try and come together on some level of unified energy...its worth a try. The planet as a whole needs positive vibes along with people very close to us all.

I'm in for the party but I'm also in for sending good vibes to everyone right now.

I'm going to try meditation.

(((((((good vibes)))))))

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I believe now is a very important time for people to try and come together on some level of unified energy...its worth a try. The planet as a whole needs positive vibes along with people very close to us all.

I'm in for the party but I'm also in for sending good vibes to everyone right now.

I'm going to try meditation.

(((((((good vibes)))))))

Hear here! Magic works. Try it.

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