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THANKYOU! BENEFIT VanderPark High Plains Drifter

Jay Funk Dawg

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EL MOCAMBO Thursday, Jan 27, 2005

494 Spadina (@College)


Thursday, Jan 27th - TSUNAMI BENEFIT

The El Mocambo is working hard raise $10,000 for Red Cross Efforts in Asia

featuring: Vanderpark, High Plains Drifter, Winter Equinox and DJs TASK (Wabi, Terra, OM), Rolan Cash (ISR, Sumkidz, Just Cause), Francis Wax (Windsor/Detroit) , Mike Lambert (Sumkidz), Jonah K (Teknotribes) and Syrum (Chameleon Project) and more...

Here are the quick details...

Thursday, Jan 27 is the El Mocambo's ASIA RELIEF BENEFIT @ EL MOCAMBO Both DJs and Bands from the Ontario Music Community are coming together to bring people together for action and support for our friends in Asia. The El Mocambo has been a home in Toronto for numerous Charity and Humanitarian Events since it has reopened just over a year and a half ago. Please join us and help make a difference!

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Vanderpark is a Toronto-based fusion-pop band that has been turning heads with their hard-edged melodic jams at each appearance they have made around Eastern Canada. With their passionate, high-energy performances, this group's enthusiasm for music is contagious - making their audiences groove wherever they go. The Vanderpark sound combines elements of folk, jazz, rock and funk, each contributing to the freshness and life of their unique sound.


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i saw vanderpark on saturday and they were great! they seem to me like very skilled musicians who have studied their instruments in formal settings. i don't know that for a fact but it sure seemed like it. they combined some experimental techniques with standard jam fare to create a sound that is at once intriguing and familiar. it's like aural deja-vu. their set was short because there were three bands so i can't wait to see them again, hopefully i can either bug ricky to go or bum a ride from kw.

also, i can fully vouch for the legitimacy of this event being charitable, i harassed jay really bad about it and it is totally to raise money for the red cross and not just to make money for the bar! :D

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High Plains Drifter

High Plains Drifter is a modern jazz, funk and world beat ensemble whose dynamic live performances is captivating audiences across Atlantic Canada. Comprised of young veteran musicians who met while studying Music in Nova Scotia. Drawing inspiration from artists such as The Meters, James Brown and Taj Mahal. HPD's live show is comprised of a very danceable sound, a style of music that represent the evolution of jazz expanded into today's youth culture. They will set the groove on high and the "FUNK METER" off the charts.


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Thanks to all who showed up... We raised just shy of $500 for relief efforts... thanks you..

here was High Plains Drifter's Set list

Cissy Strut, Meters

The Chicken, Jaco Pastorious

Rust a Bout, Kevin Breit

Hard Groove, Roy Hardgrove *

short 'n sweet

Thanks to Vanderpark and DJ Rolin Cash for the love..

(*Hard Groove... From RH Factor album check it out:

http://www.vervemusicgroup.com/product.aspx?ob=prd&src=list&pid=10765 ) 821058E08C8B40CAAEA54C0336EC0A00.jpg

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