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Do you hate Nickelback?


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Yeah, Chad Kroeger's got a 45rpm hard-on for the sensi. Their drumkit has a giant weed leaf on the bassdrum, and I think he thinks he's being God's gift to the Legalize It movement by 'pushing' for legalization. I haven't checked out the link either, but I'm sure it's identical to one I've been sent a few times over the last couple years, with their first two singles played at the same time, and they are in the same key, same tempo, and have hard and soft parts at exactly the same time. Good thing Kroeger plays a $3000 PRS guitar into a brick wall of amplifiers just so he can get that bland sandpaper-on-fiberboard chugging sound that signifies the lead-in to each of their vomit-inducing choruses.


A little early to remind me of the existance of flatulance like Nickelback, I'm pretty ruthless on very little sleep.

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i don't hate them...i don't love them, i just couldn't care less about them...

the thing is all these people waste time and energy by hating on bands and artists but where is their creative efforts going towards? making websites to show how clever they are? i feel dumber for just typing out this post.

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