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Favorite Modest Mouse songs?


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Just wondering what some good Modest Mouse songs to grab would be... I'm planning on owning their entire library on CD soon enough, but for now I'm forced to do the mp3 thing... So let me hear them... Here's a couple I love:

The Ocean Breathes Salty

Karma's Payment


Paper Thin Walls

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there's a lot of good songs on The Moon & Antarctica

right from the first song 3rd Planet, to the next gravity rides everything, and on. It's all good. One of my faves off that cd is I Came as a Rat

off good news for people who like bad news, i'd have to say my favourite is the song by the same name (i think?)

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yeah, there's not a bad song on the moon and antartica.

the cold part > alone down there > stars are projectors in the middle of the album is a favourite trio of songs of mine.

perfect disguise

tiny cities made of ashes

paper thin walls

fu©k dude, buy the moon. i still like it better than UC. so good.

other notable mouse tunes...

doin' the cockroach

lounge (closing time)

trailer trash

out of gas

stryofroam boots (its alright on ice)

heart cooks brain

long distance drunk

a life of artic sounds


interstate 8

polar opposites

truckers atlas


that should get ya started.

edit to add: night on the sun!

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