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stupid.ca should be changed to inconsiderate.ca

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i work at a small grocery store in the mall...

and in the back hallways and passage ways...there are signs written everywhere not to smoke indoors...

well, these idiots refuse to deal with the cold and stink up the hallways all day...

i work in these back hallways frequently and the smell gives me huge head aches.

no only that...but they block the narrow loading bay and make my job insanely hard... i politely ask for them to step outside so that i can get by with about 500 pounds of grocery product on a skid and they always give me their fu©king dumb attitude.

you would think that this is only a few smokers from near by stores...

but low and behold...on the other end of the mall, in the garbage zone...these smokers open up the huge loading bays and smoke all day...this laoding bay is used by the majority of the mall smokers...

they stand in the loading bay and smoke...funny thing is...when you open to gigantic doors the tempurture is the same ...

birds fill the trash compactor and the hoses freeze... signs are posted everywhere to keep the loading bays closed at all times......its like WHAT THE fu©k! what makes these people think they can smoke indoors?~@

i'm pissed cuz today, i went and threw a trash bag into the trash compactor and got attacked by crows...scared the sh!t out of me.

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