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I love these Canadiana tunes, but they aren't as good as Four Strong Winds:

Helpless - Neil Young

The Wreck Of The Edmond Fitzgerald - Gordie Lightfoot

Wondering Where The Lions Are - Bruce Cockburn

Acadian Driftwood - The Band

Speaking of Bruce, did anyone catch his CBC Tsunami Relief performance? He fu©king wailed out a big solo acoustic guitar solo. That man in an underrated guitar genius.

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I'm not kidding: Lovers In A Dangerous Time by The Barenaked Ladies is a great cover and I think it's worthy of being listed.

Hear hear. Word up. I 100% agree. And you gotta love the video for that too...


The video is perfect. It's Canadian suburbia in all it's ugly glory. Nice Dave Bidini cameo too.

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so i got my Ballad of a Lonely Construction Worker tonight ::

and Joel Plaskett played a song called Saskatchewan!

do you think it was the Rheo's tune?

i'm not familiar with it, is there a line about doing dishes in hell's kitchen!?! ::

anyway it was a good song

i'm drunk...good night

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Anything by Days of You!

Have you heard their christian rock album? Not that impressive. I was a Days fan around 89-90...I thought they were pretty good. I think, if I'm rememebering correctly, they had a tendency to not show up for gigs. But I might be mixing them up, it was a long time ago. I picked up a CD in a pawn shop, from '92 I think, and it turned out to be mostly about god and jesus. I have no idea where it is--can't remember the name of it.

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