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So how was Plaskett in Ottawa?


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so me, gentlemonkey & asparagus took a *short* break from tonberry's birthday debauch at the oak to check out joel plaskett emergency.

we probably got there about 15-20 minutes into JPE's set (we missed the two opening bands). capital city music hall is a pretty nice venue IMHO, my first time being there. it was pretty packed, too. (fyi, i am super duper exhausted right now so i apologize for the flatness of this post). the music was great. it was exciting for me, being my first plaskett show and getting to sing along to a couple tunes. always fun. he did a few songs acoustic solo, and some with his band (bass player & drummer). i thought it sounded great. i think the thing which stood out most for me was his voice, sweet, smooth and sincere. the tunes were good fun, some high energy, some mellow, all rockin. and guigs, those boyish good looks definitely delivered; i'm not much for tall skinny guys but he is a cutie. the shimmying was also nice.

drawback: the show was over in about an hour. they were done by about 12:15ish. not complaining, the taste that i got was worth the cash, but definitely it would have been nice to see more!

guigsy thanks for your insistence, and i recommend to everyone to check this guy/group out, great live show.

cheers and good night! :)

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