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The Spades Homecoming

snarfmaster C

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James McKenty and The Spades are back in the patch for a night of rock n roll at our beloved moho. I'm thinking the show might be a little packed, so I'm planning on getting there early in hopes of scoring a table or the ever-coveted 'back of the bar'.

Boogieknight, I hope you're in. (My people will be calling your people regarding potential rendezvous arrangements ;))

Does anyone else on this board even live in Peterborough anymore? come on... Lurkers??? :: :(

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nope...never did! well except when i'd stay at your place for like 2 weeks at a time :P

have fun mooooooooosey

see ya next Saturday for Plaskett & The Spades

oh ya...anyone and everyone who's coming to TO for that show (boogie) are invited to my place for a pot-luck dinner and beverages before hand.

peas peeps

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mooose- sorry i missed your call. i was out in the studio until 11:00. I 've been putting up insulation all day so i'm gonna pass on tonight. I don't think i can make the kingston show either. Next week is all about putting up drywall. we are going to toronto on saturday forsure though. let me know if you need a ride and stuff.

cowboy- a pot luck sounds great. what time should we arrive? i'll bring a spinach lasanga

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