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Saturday, January 29th

Special Ed and The Musically Challenged, Jomomma

The Pepper Jack Cafe

38 King William, Hamilton

(905) 525-6666





To capture the essence of Ed in a concise few words is next to impossible. Ed is hope, truth, honesty, integrity, sincerity, hilarity… all bundled up into one prolific-lyric-writing, funky-mean-bass-playing guy. His passion and energy permeate his audience while Ed encourages his listeners to consider music as the “vibration of life which is urging us to quest forward into a continual balance with each other.” Combine Ed’s immeasurable presence with the two distinct personalities of the not-so-musically-challenged Mike Freedman on electric and acoustic guitars, and Dave Patel on drums, and POOF! you’re in the midst of magic. The genre? Some have suggested they fall between Phish and Primus, but to compare them with others risks negating the unique sound that they alone have found. Special Ed and The Musically Challenged is more song oriented than jam oriented but the band’s improvisational skills are nevertheless, securely apparent. To attempt a definition, one might call the music friendly, folk, funk, rockadelic for all ages; but you must hear it for yourself to fully comprehend its uniqueness and depth. The music encapsulates the fusion of life with the rhythm of the times and offers creative outlook on the misunderstood times that we live in today. Ed brings the husk of the tunes to the band however; each of the three artists has equal opportunity to offer up his own particular creative vision. These three musicians share a truly symbiotic relationship and translate their souls to you through a musical conversation guaranteed to be unique and fresh each time.

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