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Band Touring info and contacts??


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A fredin of mine, Sean Taylor, who i was asking for some help and info about gettign a freind of mines band heard and touring through other provinces besides Nova Scotia and N.B, advised me to come on here and post this to see what contact info or any info pertaining to gettign a ontario tour going. So heres moy post, any help of information i can get would be much appreciated!!! you can email it to Muirdogg@gmail.com o rjust post it!!!!


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I don't have much to help with touring, but here are links to some venues in Ottawa:

He might also want to get in touch with other East-Coast bands (like The Jimmy Swift Band, Grand Theft Bus, and Slowcoaster) to see how they set up tours. I know Hipstar Productions (which, IIRC, is run by one of the JSB people) handles a bunch of bands across Canada.



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Hey thansk for the venues man, this band has already played with JSB,GTB,slowcoaster,nero,HPD

they actually have a pretty good following but its all IN the MAritimes, the band is Divine Heist by the way, I just wanna see them get their music heard outside of the maritimes, they are just gettgin better and better every show, their music fits for whatever style you want, and their shows have an excellent party atmosphere ya just cant hewlp but bounce all over and have an excellent time, i know they'd do well in other provinces, so i'de like ot see them get the chance

thanks for any info or ideas anyone posts here for me, i appreciate it all

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