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Fellow Jam-lovers, I need you now more than ever!


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All right, so, for those fo you who know, I've had a radio show on CKCU for about 2 years now. It's been an overnighter, though, from 2am to 7am. Pretty hard to get listeners, blah blah blah...

Well, finally, my toiling has paid off, and starting February second, I'm being promoted to 11am to 12pm every wednesday... I'm pretty excited about this, but it means a few things -

I need a theme to my show. Five hours was fine for me to play whatever the hell I wanted, but now, I'm thinking I need a theme... So I considered it... and what better theme could there be than Jam Bands?

However, the snag in this plan, is that I don't have enough music to do that on my own. I have some nero, a little GTB. JSB, moe., Phish, and now Slowcoaster... but not nearly enough to do an hour a week without getting extremely redundant...

So... I'm going to come to you guys with my hats in your hand. Who can lend me some good music, who can recommend good music, who can perhaps burn some for me... and so on, and so forth...

Caveat -- and this may hurt the cause -- Live stuff has to be short. Like really short. I love a good, 20-30 minute condor like the rest of you, but, I can't be having it on an hour long program... it would be 75-100% of the music I play...

Caveat two: Swearing would not be allowed... before I could sneak it in, but no longer...

All right... Also, I need to name the show. I'm thinking 'Jammy Dodgers' or 'Where's My Heady Jams?' or something like that...

So... can anyone help me?

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if I may make a humble suggestion, don't limit yourself to the jam. You've got more room to play if you make it a groove type show. That way you can slip in funk, jazz, some beats, a classic stones tune, whatever. Play to the masses who jones for the groovy goodness and surprise'em with some jam.

Maybe there's your name. Goodness.


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Geez, I'd just be different and play two 30 minute killer jams. honestly, have you looked at a typical 'jamband' 1 hour setlist? There are usually 5-8 tunes in there. The other beauty is that you have this entire community online that records and performs the music that can feed the show.

IT would be easy, and people would like it even though you might imagine that they wouldn't.

I'd have it on every wednesday at work.

Just call it a live music show, stay clear of any studio material, and don't play live CRAP ;)

There, that's my dream show, minus the funny banter ideas.

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Tonberry, I got your back! I finally got my CD's out of storage, and I have, oh, I don't know, about 700 discs of live jam band shows... CanJam, US bands, more nero than you can shake a stick at, etc. A lot of these discs will eventually be given to The Sloth, but you could borrow whatever I have for the moment. After I give them to The Sloth, I'm sure you can borrow them off of him. It'll be like the 40 Main Music Archive... Let me know what you're looking for and I'll hook you up... Cheers.

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congrats on the show man.. that's awesome!

I can hook you up with lots of groovy jazz, funk and soul stuff if you want to branch out a bit from the straight up "jam band" sound. I can also offer you any and all of my jam band records, both live and studio.

I bet bradm can really help you out too, especially if you want to put a local/regional slant to the show.

Having a radio show for the community is going to kick ass.. rock on man!

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There's a pile of music that sits on the fence of the jam scene... tetering on the acidjazz genre...definitely worth checking out... King Sunshine, Kobayashi, Quatertones, Moses Mayes, The Hummers, Velvet, The Chamelon Project, Menervous Beat, God Made Me Funky ... all great Canadian dance/funk acts...

All you have to do is send them an email that you want to play their music and I'm sure they'd send you something. Also you have a sh!t load of music that is right at your fingertips at the station?

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